We have had a wonderful year here at Yesterday Spaces. We have had the opportunity of meeting and working with so many special people. Our wedding couples have been such a joy and so many of them have had such wonderful and helpful parents, families and friends. We feel as though we have made a number wonderful of new friends. There have been lots of first time and repeat Vendors and it has been so enjoyable finding a way to work together for our common goal of a wonderful event.

We have had such good weather for most of our weddings this year and the few weddings where the weather was not optimal went along beautifully. Having the Dairy Barn as a backup Ceremony Site for our outdoor site has been wonderful. It has removed the extra concern that most people planning an outdoor event have about weather and has clearly relaxed our couples and their parents. We were told after one of the weddings in the Dairy Barn that they were actually “glad it rained” because the ceremony was so beautiful in the Dairy Barn. A number of our Brides have chosen the dairy barn primarily for their ceremony.

The Loft of the Main Event Barn with its cross rods, interesting ceiling, and side shelves, does allow many options and great flexibility for decorating.  We have had very simple earthy and natural decorations and some have been more elaborate.  All were quite unique and beautiful in our opinion. The feel in the Loft for each wedding seemed to fit each personality and the overall plan for the wedding day. Despite the common concern, there was always plenty of time for decorating.

We have had a lot of positive feedback from our couples and their families and guests.

The bridal preparation room has been very popular with our brides and their bridal party. It was “very comfortable”, “relaxing””, “fully mirrored”,and “very efficient”.

The Wedding Walk to the Ceremony Site was commented on by  so many people and was of course especially “magical”, “natural” and “welcoming” to our Brides. We were told  by a number of Photographers that it was at least as pretty as any they had seen; “so many photo-ops here”

Lots of positive comments on the “options” here with our sound system all the way from the couples that chose to have a fully IPOD wedding to those that used it for parts of their reception and those that did hire DJs and or Bands that connected to our system. We have had some wonderful weddings without dancing and some very energetic and fun weddings with “non-stop” action.

The hayride with the John Deere antique tractor pulling from parking to the Main Event Barn has been very popular. Lots of comments, especially from the guests on what a “fun”, “unique”, “farmy” and “interesting”  way to start the day. “Great wedding and we really enjoyed the hayride”.

The animals were a real hit. Kids of course really enjoyed petting and spending time in the lower level of the barn with our miniature donkeys and pony; Itsy Bit, Pebbles, and Prancer. We were surprised however at how many adults we would find “just hanging out” and petting or trying to feed these affectionate little critters.

Lots of comments about being able to use the event field for various games including cornhole, ladder golf, horse shoes, badmitton, and volley ball. Also the fire pit with or without s’mores was popular especially for spring and fall weddings.

Clients using the Dairy barn for Rehearsal Dinners were very complimentary; “very unique”, “rustic”, “natural and relaxed”, and “really fun”. The silo with its door and ability to use for drinks and hors d’oeuvres was a real hit!!

Clients that rented the Farmhouse were very complimentary before, during, and after their venue event. It was “so relaxing”, “convenient”, “comfortable”. “We felt like we were part of the farm”.

What a year this has been!!!

We cannot wait for the 2013 season.