We are a little over half way through our 2013 season with 32 weddings so far this year. We have been so focused on being sure that each event went well that we have not had the time to stay up with our blog or with other social media like Facebook. We have received wonderful comments from our wedding couples and from their families and guests and that is what really counts here for us at Yesterday Spaces.

We started out the year with 2 weddings in January and enjoyed the addition of heat to our Dairy Barn. The Dairy Barn is not insulated but the heating unit we added was just enough to take the edge off and people at the ceremonies told us that they were very comfortable. The ceremonies were beautiful and the short ride to the event barn was lots of fun even though a little chilly.

Spring here in Western North Carolina was very wet. We have had record rainfalls and and a number of these were on wedding Saturdays or Sundays. We have emphasized our ability to have wonderful events here at yesterday Spaces despite the weather and this has certainly been a time to be tested. Our clients that have had their ceremony moved from our outdoor site to the Dairy barn have been universal in telling us that their events have been wonderful despite the weather. We had one couple and both sets of parents actually tell us that they were glad that it rained as the ceremony was so intimate and meaningful and beautiful in the Dairy Barn.

Most of our weddings this spring have been at our outdoor site and they too have been very pretty. They have all been unique, just a little bit different. The wedding walk continues to be a favorite with photographers and they are also excited about a number of other photo ops near the wedding site especially the porch of Mulberry Cabin a small storage building we added in the off season and located just adjacent to the wedding site.

Our Main Event Barn has been the site for all of our receptions and it of course despite being rustic is heated and cooled and has been very comfortable despite the weather and despite the size of the wedding. Our weddings have varied between 50 and a little over 300 and the barn with its numerous types of tables and various arrangements always looks appropriate. In the off season we added some wonderful decorative lighting and all of our wedding couples have been excited about that addition as they do not have the worry or expense of trying to hang their own lights. Decors have varied remarkably and whether very simple or more elaborate have all seemed to fit the tastes of of each of the couples and their families. Our hay wagon rides to the Main Event Barn and our resident miniature donkeys and driving pony continue to be favorites with both the children and adults that come to our events.

Our vendors have been terrific!! We have seen a lot of old friends and have also had a lot of vendors that are new to Yesterday Spaces. We have had some very creative menus and pastries and have seen kegs and bottles from most of our microbreweries here in WNC. Lots of the ingredients have been locally grown and we have continued to recycle here with an occasional caterer that even composts. Photographers continue to find creative ways to use our numerous sites and spaces to make their photos of each wedding very unique.

The farmhouse has been rented most every week to families or guests at our weddings. We have had so many compliments from people that stay at the farmhouse. “It is so comfortable and so convenient and made the whole event even more special and memorable”. We are now able to offer an Appalachian style Log Cabin to our clients for rent late this fall and for next year. It will sleep 10 and we will then be able to offer accommodations for more than 20 guests each weekend.

We are so looking forward to our fall weddings and the rest of our year. We have already booked a number of weddings for next year and so many of these are now coming from referrals related to prior weddings we have had here. Hopefully we will have a bit more time this fall to keep up with the blog but never at the expense of being sure that we have enough time and are ready for each of our clients and their events.

Mike and Chris Grier and Yesterday Spaces Staff