Social / Business


Many of the spaces here on the farm are perfect for either social or business events.

Social gatherings would be very comfortable year round in the loft area of the Event Barn and seasonally in the Dairy Barn. There are also a number of outdoor spaces that would serve as very enjoyable areas for social gatherings, picnics etc.

For business events the loft area has all of the important audio/visual equipment to do presentations, hold seminars or conduct meetings. Being fully conditioned it is available year-round.  The catering kitchen in the loft of the Event Barn makes this a wonderful space for combined dinner and business related functions.

Pricing will be by the hour and will depend on the space chosen, the number of guests, the equipment needed, and the overall plans for food etc.

If interested in holding a social or business event on the farm please come visit with us and let’s discuss your plans and come up with a price that is appropriate.

Special pricing and/or availability is planned for non-profits, groups with defined environmental projects and goals, specific farm group related activities, and specific charitable and benefit events.