Wedding Sites

Picturesque outdoor, and historic, magical, indoor sites.
Yesterday Spaces offers a number of wonderful outdoor wedding sites on the farm and in addition has a magical rustic indoor space that serves as a primary site “off season” and as a back up site “in season”

Just adjacent to the barn there is a historic carriage road that was used years ago by people to the north east of our farm for travel on into Leicester. The trees bordering this old road mark each side of its course and it serves as a magical “wedding path”. The bridal party can be seen from the wedding site when they first start down the path and then disappear as the road dips down a little and then reappear just before reaching the entrance to the wedding ceremony site . There are 2 large old trees that can serve as a central point of interest and become part of a picturesque backdrop on a hill overlooking our wonderful mountains. This wedding ceremony site easily accommodates a large group of guests and seating can include chairs, hay bales, blankets, or a combination.

Other outdoor spaces for a ceremony could include; the large orchard field adjacent to the event barn and another area near our blueberry field with wonderful views of the valley and an ancient old oak  backdrop. The rain garden with its circular perimeter, mulched base, and pretty landscaping  will also be a popular site for smaller ceremonies.  We have just completed a pond with a dock that will likely serve as a ceremony site in the near future. We are open to other suggestions and want to work with couples in allowing them to choose a personal site on the farm for their ceremony

It is critical that anyone planning for an outdoor wedding ceremony at any venue have an indoor backup site available in the event of inclement weather. This backup site should not be the same space as the reception as it is very inconvenient trying to convert a space from reception to ceremony and then back again with guests already at the event.

In season, our Dairy Barn serves as a wonderful backup ceremony site in the event of inclement weather. It will seat up to 190 with some additional “standing room”. It serves as the primary ceremony site in the off season. Some of our brides with in season weddings  are choosing the Dairy Barn as their primary ceremony site. A number of our couples and their families have told us that they are now much more relaxed knowing that their wedding ceremony can be very comfortable and magical here at Yesterday Spaces no matter the weather.